Joheen Chakraborty

Physics PhD Candidate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
joheen (at) mit.edu

About Me

I’m a second-year PhD student at MIT working in high-energy astrophysics. My advisor is Erin Kara, and I also work closely with Kevin Burdge and Riccardo Arcodia.

I studied astrophysics and computer science as an undergrad at Columbia, where I worked with Frits Paerels on X-ray astronomy and David Kipping on extrasolar planets, graduating in 2022. Before that, I grew up in Edison, New Jersey.

Research Interests

High-energy astrophysics provides unique laboratories to study strong gravity, plasma physics, and atomic physics; my research broadly studies compact object accretion and binaries to uncover insights in these areas. Currently I’m working on:

Selected Publications

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